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Picture of Japan Bamboo Bag

Japan Bamboo Bag

Made in Japan, Beppu bamboo bag. - Size: 285mm x 170mm x 100mm - Weight: 307g - Make to order (1.5 months to make)
USD 800,00
Picture of Japan Designer Kitchenware

Japan Designer Kitchenware

Kitchiware designed by Sori Yanagi (Made in Japan) Mixing bowl x 5, Tongs x 2 Material : Stainless
USD 300,00
Picture of Japan Echizen Santoku Knife

Japan Echizen Santoku Knife

Echizen Santoku Knife (Made in Fukui prefecture in Japan) Size : 312mm(170mm) x 46mm  Weight : 136g  Material : Cobalt alloy (VG10) stainless steel
USD 400,00
Picture of Japan Exclusive Slipper

Japan Exclusive Slipper

The luxury slipper used by the Japanese Imperial family. - Size: 22.5cm, 23.5cm, 24.5cm, 25.5cm, 26.5cm, 27.5cm - Weight: 300g - Order made (1.5 months to deliver)
USD 350,00
Picture of Japan Imabari Towel

Japan Imabari Towel

Imabari Towels (Made in Ehime prefecture in Japan) - Imabari Bath Towel x 2, Imabari Face Towel x 2 - Size : 60cmx120cm(Bath Towel), 34cmx80xm(Face Towel) - Material : Cotton
USD 215,00
Picture of Japan Kumano Brushes

Japan Kumano Brushes

Face brush, Cheek brush, Eye shadow brush, Shadow liner brush, Lip brush, Brush and Comb
USD 500,00
Picture of Japan Pokemon Stuffed Toy

Japan Pokemon Stuffed Toy

Pokemon high quality stuffed toys. (Set of 4 toys) - Size: 95cm, 70cm, 45cm, 35cm
USD 320,00
Picture of Japan Pokemon Wedding Memories

Japan Pokemon Wedding Memories

Made in Japan, Pokemon Wedding Memories - Pockemon stuffed toy - Size: 21.5cm x 12.5cm x 14cm - Pockemon accessory - Size: 12.5cm x 7cm x 9cm - Pockemon photo frame - Size: 14.5cm x 21.5cm
USD 220,00
Picture of Japan Yoga Mattress

Japan Yoga Mattress

Made in Japan, Tatami Yoga Mattress. - Size: 60cm x 180cm - Weight: 1.7kg - Material: Rush
USD 130,00