Euro Dollar

HDN Token Reward

Get free airdrop HDN tokens. The more you spent, the more you get. Shop at

1. For every USD 10.00 spent at, you get 50 HDN tokens.

2. USD 1.00 spent is worth 5 HDN tokens in your purchases.

4. This generous reward of giving HDN tokens is for limited time only and subject to change with short notice.

5. Buy Halal at Haladinar and get more HDN tokens with high rebates.


100 % Purchase Rebates in HDN airdrop tokens till 5 June 2019. Hurry !!


Important Notes:

a. Checkout as GUEST will not get HDN tokens reward. Please register as a Member.

b. Items bought must be fully paid, shipped and delivered in order to get full reward in your registered HDN public address.


Update: 19 March 2019